webOS Development Now Public

Last Thursday, July 16th, Palm released the webOS beta to the general public, and about that same time, removed most of the restrictions webOS developers were working under.

Developers can now talk openly about the webOS SDK and the applications they are working on. Sierra Blanco Systems has been working on applications for both ourselves and for others for months now. We are very happy that we can now "come out of the closet," and announce publicly our active involvement by launching the Sierra Blanco Systems website. We have several webOS games and other applications in the works and have started submitting the corresponding applications to Palm so that these items can be included in the Palm Application Catalog (PAC). We are also actively involved in doing webOS development for others. Contact us if you have a webOS project you need help with. Making webOS development public is a highly significant milestone. We at Sierra Blanco Systems congratulate Palm and offer our sincerest thanks for all their hard work in making this happen.


Giving Back

Southern California Quality Assurance Association


SBS is proud to provide web design and hosting services for the Orange County chapter of the Southern California Quality Assurance Association. Our founder, Greg Stevenson, is a charter member of the group which was started over 10 years ago. The mission of SCQAA-OC is to promote the sharing of information relating to software quality practices, principles, concepts, and methods for the betterment of its members and their companies. In addition to enabling sharing through meetings, seminars, and workshops, SCQAA-OC also reinforces software quality and testing practices through educational meetings, and sponsors software quality events throughout Southern California.



preDevCamp is a not-for-profit software development gathering being held on August 8, 2009. Its purpose is to help local developers share their knowledge in developing Palm pre applications using both traditional web standards and the Mojo SDK. The event is currently being planned in over 60 cities around the world. Sierra Blanco Systems team members are the organizers for preDevCamps in Orange County, California and in Sumy, Ukraine. SBS founder, Greg Stevenson, is one of three preDevCamp global organizers. We encourage you to click the preDevCamp.com link above to register for the camp nearest you.