Take your crossword solving to a whole new level. The new Crosswords Plus (xWords+) from Sierra Blanco Systems adds many unique features to really enhance solving crosswords on your webOS device.

You can select a default zoom level to quickly switch between seeing the full puzzle and a zoom level that is convenient for you to read. You can also use pinch and spread gestures to select a custom zoom level. Pen, Pencil, and other modes let xWords+ smartly move you through the puzzle in a manner that makes you most productive. Special Across and Down lists give you a different view of the puzzle than can make it faster to fill in answers you know. All views are linked so that changes to one, automatically update the others. xWords+ smartly handles situations where you may have more than one candidate to be the correct answer. It automatically arranges letters to make sense in either across or down orientation. You can easily link to external sources when you need more help in solving a clue. Sierra Blanco is actively working with third parties to bring you puzzles from a variety of sources, some paid, some Ad supported, and some paid. So whatever you’re level of expertise or engagement, you should always be able to find crossword puzzles to suit you.

  • Smart zoom to your desired level.
  • Special views and modes to solve puzzles quicker.
  • Links to resources to help solve clues.
  • Access to thousands of Puzzles.
  • Reasonably priced.