Two Thumbs Up Typing Competition & Survey

In honor of the Back-To-School activities that occur this time of year, Sierra Blanco Systems,, and are sponsoring a thumb typing competition and survey. We believe this is the first event of its kind. If it proves popular, we may make it an annual event, and possibly include other smartphones. Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of typing speed. Your score, along with the survey questions, will help provide some unique insight into the webOS community. Survey results will be posted in summary form (graphs and tables).

Survey Prizes (Random Drawing)

1st — $50 PreCentral Store gift certificate and one webOSroundup T-shirt
2nd — $25 PreCentra Store gift certificate and one webOSroundup T-shirt
3rd — $10 PreCentral Store gift certificate and one webOSroundup T-shirt
4th — One webOSroundup T-shirt (two winners)

There will be a random drawing for prizes for those that submit scores and participate in the survey. Just make sure you provide a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win. As in most contests of this type, employees, etc. of SBS, PC, and WOR are not eligible. Good luck to everyone else! 

Competition Prizes (Best Speed with No Errors)

1st — $100 PreCentral Store gift certificate and two webOSroundup T-shirts
2nd — $50 PreCentral Store gift certificate and one webOSroundup T-shirt
3rd — $25 PreCentral Store gift certificate and onewebOSroundup T-shirt
4th — One webOSroundup T-shirt

Qualifications for the typing contest are similar to those for the random drawing. Top scoring typists will be contacted via email and provided a second test that will be used for final competition. 



The Fine Print

This is the more detailed/formal description of the rules. Sierra Blanco Systems reserves the right to change rules, extend dates, etc. if needed to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and ensure fairness in the drawing and survey.

  1. All webOS users may participate in the survey and contest. There is no cost to participate or for the typing test application.
  2. Current (paid or unpaid) employees, consultants, contractors, etc. and of Palm, Smartphone Experts, and webOSroundup and they immediate families are not eligible for prizes. However, all may participate, and top typists will be recognized for their thumbing prowess.
  3. You must provide some sort of valid email address to be eligible for prizes. It is how we will contact winners. Prefix your address with an exclamation mark “!” if you only want your address to be used to notify you if you win and not for updates to the Two Thumbs Up Typing Test or Tutor.
  4. Winners of random drawing must respond to email within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be picked until all prizes are awarded.
  5. The competition and survey will begin as soon as the Two Thumbs Up Typing Test is released in application catalog. Hopefully, by August 20th ,2010.
  6. You can take the typing test as often as you would like, your best score and most recent survey answers will be used for competition and survey.
  7. Round one of the competition and the survey ends on Labor Day, Monday, September 6th 2010. The typing test will still work, but will not collect or submit information after that date.
  8. Starting Tuesday September 7th, the a computer program will randomly pick participates for the survey drawing prizes. If person is eligible and responds in 48 hours from email being sent, they will be awarded the prize. Names will be drawn until all survey prizes are awarded.
  9. The best typists from round one will be selected for round two. This will include approximately 20 typists based on characters typed in one minute with no errors. Prize eligibility will also be determined at this time. Round two typists will be provided a second version of the Typing Test with new test text.
  10. Round two, will occur on a specific day, probably September 14th. On that day the contestants may take the second test up to three times in a one hour period. The goal is to have as many round two contests as possible join in a live competition on that day. Any contestant not participating in the live competition must submit their score before the live competition begins. At the end of the live competition, the final scores will be revealed and prizes awarded.
  11. Contest and survey format may be subject to change depending on circumstances. All reasonable efforts will be made to minimize changes while ensuring rules are fair and sensible. Additional information will be made available, as details regarding the competition are finalized.